Albedo is Metamask for Stellar network

Albedo is a keystore web app and browser extension that is designed to give users to use their stellar account without exposing secret key to anyone. It is a bridge that will allow other applications to sign or verify a transaction on behalf of user.

Albedo is type of user interface that was required in order to allow users to interact with Stellar network safer than ever. For those asking for Metamask for Stellar, this is as close as it gets and yet, Albedo has better, more unique features.

Your secret key is encrypted with your password and stored inside browser safely. Like Metamask, your private key / secret key is never exposed to the app or website that is requesting access. This makes Albedo almost as safe as a hardware wallet.

metamask for stellar lumens

Albedo is available for download as extension for both Chrome and Firefox. While it is not designed to be a Steller wallet, it can act as one if you want to use it as single access point for any Stellar application.

So, expect your favorite Stellar DEX and gaming platform to start implementing Albedo functionality. Exchanges and developers who do airdrops and token sales will also benefit from Albedo. Visit for more information.

Key features of Albedo
Secure key management – your secret key is never exposed to third-party services.
Secure transaction signing – transactions are signed without exposing a secret key.
Web apps Single Sign-On – log in to third-party websites, just like with Google or Facebook OAuth.
Multi-account support – use multiple accounts and switch them when you need it.
Trustlines creation – anchor trustlines and token airdrops in one click.
Message signing tools – sign and verify arbitrary data with your private keys.
Two-factor authorization support – provides another level of protection for your accounts.
Works everywhere – seamless experience on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.