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NFTputing is a NFT news website, yes, a proper website that is about nothing but NFTs – non fungible tokens. Those JPEGs that you criticized earlier, yes, those are now worth millions.

While there are myriad blockchain and cryptocurrency news websites out there covering NFT news, there are none or very few that cover only NFTs – nothing else.

Previously, NFTs used to exist only on Ethereum blockchain but Solana has come up to be a serious competitor. Ethereum is world’s first programmable decentralized computer and it can store these NFTs that point to JPEG images stored on web servers.


What makes NFTs so fascinating is the fact you can verify ownership on the blockchain. Sure, anyone can do a right click and store JPEG image of that NFT on their computer, but do they actually own it? They are storing a copy of that image while the ownership rights are there on the blockchain which proves he or she is the owner. This is what makes NFTs so special to art collectors – verifiability.

Anyway, you can get in touch with NFTputing by sending an email to the email-address given below. We try to respond to each and every email within 24-hours.