Stellar Transactions are no longer supported in the Keybase app

Keybase app was once a very popular app for the Stellar network users. It was home to an amazing blockchain community. Recently, a new app update removed Stellar functionality and displayed this message while accessing wallet tab, “Stellar Transactions are no longer supported in the Keybase app”.

stellar transactions keybase

Last year, Zoom, a popular video conferencing company took over Keybase. Development of the app definitely took a hit with very few updates being pushed over the past one year.

This October, Zoom pushed out another update that removed Stellar functionality from the app. Two things immediately happened – first, you lose ability to access to your Stellar wallet. Fortunately, you can restore the Stellar wallet by inputting its secret key into a compatible wallet. Or you can use any of the Stellar decentralized exchange can be used to access the funds.

keybase federation address

Taking away Stellar functionality also broke Federation Address that gives you easy to read Stellar address. For instance, instead of entering GDJDFKSDKFK……., you could simply input abcefg* Now, you would have to claim a different federation address. Many wallets and exchanges offer this feature – Lobstr, Stellarterm and Stellarport to name a few.