Vezt platform signs agreement with Ice-T

Vezt is a music app where music fans share royalty rights for songs. Vezt’s token, VZT, runs on Stellar platform.

Vezt team has made an announcement on twitter that they have signed up with Ice-T, who will be releasing his song on Vezt platform next week. The team will be doing an ISO – Initial Song Offering where anyone will be able to buy a percentage of song’s royalty rights. It is just like an ICO / IEO but for songs, which is why it is called ISO.

While the project was initially built on Ethereum’s ERC20, the team moved to Stellar platform for faster transaction speed and low transactional costs. A token swap was done last year in 1:1 ratio.

If you still hold ERC20 VZT token, visit to start a token swap. You will need a Stellar wallet with token support. Solar Wallet, Lobstr or StellarPort / StellarTerm wallets are all compatible.

You can buy VZT on StellarTerm using Stellar Lumens (XLM). The project is also on coinmarketcap, but listed as Untracked listing.

There are about 125M VZT tokens in circulation. Issuer account is left unlocked so keep that in mind. Vezt app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

If you are a music lover, keep an eye on their ISO next week.