Blockchain Wallet announces interest on Stellar Lumens wallet is one of most popular cryptocurrency wallets and now, you can earn interest on it. All you have to do is move your crypto to their interest accounts. Along with Stellar Lumens (XLM), Blockchain wallet’s team has also added Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Just signup on, download the wallet, verify your identity and then, transfer the funds into an Interest account.

Interest rates are as follows:

Bitcoin: 4.4%
Ethereum: 4.4%
Bitcoin Cash:  4.4%
Stellar Lumens: 4.4%
USD Tether: 12%
Paxos: 12%

With such high interest rates, you now have more reason to hold your Stellar Lumens among other cryptocurrencies in Blockchain wallet. This can definitely give you a nice passive income if you deposit high enough amount.

You must be wondering how is Blockchain wallet able to offer high interest rates? There got to be some catch, right? Well, no. Blockchain folks say that this has been made possible with their institutional lending business where they provide their inventory to institutional clients. In 2019, they offered around 15 billion dollars in loan related transactions.