Coinqvest chooses Stellar for settling cryptocurrency transactions

Coinqvest is a service that lets any business to accept cryptocurrency while staying compliant and not breaking any taxation or government rules. All the payments can be settled in fiat even if the customer pays in Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

In a blog post, Coinqvest explains reasons behind choosing Stellar for settling cryptocurrency transactions.

They say that by building Coinqvest platform with Stellar network, they are able to settle funds across blockchains or bank accounts within few seconds.

By making use of Stellar, merchants have option to accept cryptocurrencies alongside their existing payment options like PayPal and credit card. However, in order to protect themselves from volatility, they can choose to settle payments in fiat.

Furthermore, Coinqvest makes sure that their platform is user-friendly and fully complied with accounting, tax reporting and invoicing. Their API is easy to integrate and works beautifully.

Coinqvest also praised ease of asset conversion and ability to tokenize any cryptocurrency themselves. This allows them to easily add newer cryptocurrencies as they emerge.

Coinqvest is running three full validator nodes that further enhances decentralization among Stellar network. They are also closely working with Stellar Development Foundation, Keybase, SatoshiPay and Lobstr wallet to ensure Tier 1 Core Quorum Group.