Litemint is out of beta, version 1.0 released

Litemint is officially out of beta and v1 is now live with in-game shop and collectibles. During its beta period, Litemint say engagement of 30,000 players who played whopping 700,000 battles. During their gameplay, players were able to unlock over 158,000 collectible cards.

Litemint app remains ads-free, which is rare for a game, however, if a player is using embedded version of, they will be shown video ads.

Litemint app is powered by Stellar, where it makes exhaustive use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to give true ownership of collectibles and addons. NFTs, like any other Stellar tokens are tradeable on Stellar decentralized exchanges, including the one already built into the Litemint app.

Litemint also launched CREDIT token couple of weeks back which is official in-game currency. CREDIT runs on Stellar blockchain and is already tradeable on Stellarport and other Stellar DEXes.

You can use CREDIT tokens to purchase non-limited edition cards from Litemint’s in-game shop. And since CREDIT is a token, you can send it to any other Stellar account instantly.

The team is also working on integrating the app with the Samsung Keystore that is available on all of its flagship phones. There is no ETA yet but it is definitely coming.