Merge Stellar Accounts using Lobstr Merge Account feature

If you have multiple Stellar accounts and want to squeeze minimum balance out of your old account, you can merge them using Lobstr’s Merge Account feature.

While it is totally possible to merge stellar account using the official Laboratory feature, but it can be too confusing for some. So, we will be making use of Lobstr’s Merge Account feature which is much simpler.

Step 1 – Visit and click on “Let’s Start”

Merge Stellar Accounts using Lobstr Merge Account feature

Step 2 – Now, enter the address where you want to “minimum balance” to be sent. Transaction memo is also required in case you are sending this recovered amount to an exchange like binance or bittrex.

If you are not sending to exchange, it will now show you this warning which basically warns you about empty memo.


Step 3 – Now, paste the secret key of account that will be merged. Click on checkbox and your wallet will be merged.

Within few seconds, reserved balance will be transferred to account of your choice.