OpenSea NFT platform just had a massive data breach

OpenSea platform has announced they have suffered a massive data breach as one of its employees’ leaked information of users on the website. One user said on twitter that this has become a quarterly event with them. How many times does the OpenSea platform gets hacked before being deemed unfit for crypto?

opensea data breach

Keep in mind that OpenSea can spend millions on securing infrastructure, but nothing can fix the human. Always has been, and always will be the weakest point.

We are we’ll see a plethora of scams. So, what should they do? OpenSea should compensate people for this mishap. A governance token claim or token dropped to users should be sufficient for this.

Let’s hope all their customers get their published warning. If they do and take their OpenSea email security advice they should be fine.

Is this end of NFT as we know it? Nope. OpenSea, while is major player in NFT world, is not the only website that lets users buy and sell NFTs. They are many other portals that have never been hacked. It is always the biggest player that gets the major attention from NFT hackers though.