Participate in Stellar Meridian Hackathon 2020 and win XLM

Stellar Meridian 2020 will be happening virtually this year and SDF will be sponsoring a Hackathon so that developers can showcase apps to show-off amazing features of Stellar blockchain. Upto 12000 dollars worth of XLM in prizes are up for grabs.

First place gets $4000 in XLM and feature in Stellar Newsletter; 2nd place gets $3000 in XLM; 3rd place gets $2500; 4th place $1500 and 5th place gets $1000 in XLM. All winners also get a Meridian swag bag containing goodies.

Judge panel includes Jed McCaleb (co-founder, SDF), Denelle Dixon (CEO, SDF), David Mazieres (Co-founder and Chief Scientist, SDF) and Meridian attendees. All scores of the judges combined will account for 50% (fifty percent) of the final vote, while the remaining 50% will be voted by attendees.

Meridian Hackathon 2020 starts on October 23rd 2020 at 8AM PT and developers get 10 days to complete their projects. This means submissions will be accepted until 2nd of November 2020 12AM PT. Winners will be announced around November 16th 2020 10AM PT and prizes will be sent out around November 19th 2020 12PM PT.

45 developers have already signed up for hackathon. So, if you are a developer, feel free to show off your skills by registering on devpost here.