Smartlands token gets listed on WhiteBit exchange

SLT token has made its way to WhiteBit cryptocurrency exchange that will bring exposure to more than 300,000 active traders from more than 190 countries around the globe. WhiteBit is a popular exchange in Eastern Europe and offers tight integration with Ukranian banks, allowing users to buy SLT token with fiat and credit cards.

SLT is a token by Smartlands and runs on Stellar network. This platform is all about tokenizing shares in real assets. Its token supply is just 7.1 million with 5.1 million circulating supply.

Getting onto a leading cryptocurrency exchange like WhiteBit will benefit both SLT supporters and Stellar users. More users will be depositing and withdrawing SLT token on WhiteBit resulting is higher network usage. The exchange has ~11,000 bitcoin worth of daily volume which is about 300 million dollars.

SLT token is paired against Bitcoin with a USDT pair coming soon. Stellar Lumens (XLM) is also listed with both BTC and USDT pairs on Whitebit.

In addition to WhiteBit exchange, Smartlands’s SLT token is already listed on StellarTerm exchange, a Stellar decentralized exchange that lets you trade with XLM token. Current marketcap is $1.8 million dollars.