Stellar Community Staking Marathon is a phishing scam

An email titled “Stellar Community Staking Marathon” is being sent to many members of Stellar community and it redirects you to an identical clone of Stellar Development Foundation’s website, The URL used in email takes you to a phishing website that asks you to enter your private key.

Once you have given your private key to person behind this phishing website, they withdraw your funds to their own wallets.

Stellar Development Foundation is not conducting Stellar Community Staking Marathon and there are no airdrops going on right now. SDF will never email you or ask you for your secret key.

Many users have already been scammed. There is no staking on Stellar and nobody is giving out XLM for free. Make sure never to fall for such scams and other phishing attempts. Always visit directly to avoid getting scammed.

Stellar Update also finds and retweets about similar scams.

The only real promotion that is still on is by where you can earn upto $40 in XLM by referring someone to learn about Stellar. Under this promotion, you can invite upto four friends.