AQUA airdrop #2 announced for Stellar Lumens holders

Folks behind Aquarius platform have announced second airdrop for Stellar Lumens holders. Airdrop data for AQUA airdrop #2 is January 15th 2022, where Aquarius will be taking snapshot of Stellar network with users holding 500 or more XLM / yXLM. Also, you must be holding atleast 1 AQUA token to participate in order to become eligible for airdrop.

Any wallet meeting this criteria will be eligible for a share of 15B AQUA tokens, with their distribution spread out over 3 years.

Aquarius project will be adding a liquidity management layer to Stellar network. It brings incentives for market makers and liquidity providers on Stellar. This layer will go live in later part of 2021.

Their airdrop #1 is still live and if you want to check if you are eligible, fire up or Lobstr wallet and see pending payments section. 5% AQUA tokens were allocated for airdrop #1. For the second airdrop, whopping 15% of all AQUA tokens will be airdropped.

claim airdrop stellar term

There is airdrop limit of 10M AQUA tokens per wallet. Also, we highly suggest not using centralized exchanges for claiming this airdrop. Feel free to make a new XLM paper wallet and use those credentials to store your XLM. Make sure you’ve atleast 1 AQUA token as well.

Update – AQUA team has announced that a proposal to push the airdrop date from December 15th 2021 to January 15th 2022 has been accepted. Nothing else has changed.