Multiple verified Twitter accounts are after APE coin

Bored Ape Yatch Club recently launched APE coin and it soon got listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Gemini and even Coinbase. Never has it happened that a coin / token was listed on Binance and Coinbase on same day. This caught the eye of scammers who set up a phishing site and started pushing it using fake, hacked Twitter accounts that are often used for NFT promotions.


Soon, they started using bots to tag people in the replies. Since these twitter accounts are verified, naïve users fell for the scam and lost thousands. Infact, just by connecting your Metamask wallet to these phishing portals, the hackers will be able to steal your NFTs and Ethereum stored in your wallet.

Make sure to always check the website that you are connecting to your MetaMask wallet so that you do not become their victim. If you gave access to these websites, you can use a website like to remove permissions that can potentially drain your wallet.

You won’t believe but one can pick these verified twitter accounts for as low as 100 dollars. Hackers often use them to push phishing websites to steal funds from innocents.