Pixelmon NFT pulls a massive 70,000,000 dollars rug

Here is another NFT minting gone wrong, this time by Pixelmon team, which after raising a whopping 70,000,000 dollars wants to spend another 2,000,000 to upgrade their NFTs from terrible looking NFT sketches to something more rewarding. We, at NFTputing, love supporting small and new NFT projects but when you have paid 3 ETH for an NFT that looks like this, there is no excuse.

Pixelmon NFT

This is what Pixelmon NFT team is saying on their discord.

We made a horrible mistake. We have endeavored to try something new and not done before on OpenSea with our 3D Pixelmon, beyond the regular image or video. Here is an example of what most Pixelmon currently look like in their 3D environment: https://pixelmon.club/experience/3096

To put it simply, we are sorry. This is unacceptable. We felt pressured to push reveal and the reality is we weren’t ready to push the art work. This does not represent the brand and we will fix this as we have let many people down with this reveal. I personally was incredibly excited for reveal and have let myself down at the quality we put out. To those waiting on their NFT reveal we will continue working overnight and onwards until all problems are solved. We will keep you updated.

Going forward: What we have now was built before we raised any funding raised from our NFT sales. Our immediate next steps to resolve these issues are to pledge $2,000,000 in order to completely revamp and redesign our NFTs at a higher quality. We will find a reputable studio to do these redesigns and keep you informed along the way. From my stance as a founder the quality right now is unacceptable and we promise to make amends. The utility of each NFT will remain the same, land and token airdrops will continue; only our NFT designs themselves will be redone.

As the lead I am fully responsible for this. I am wary of the threats and hate that will come my way. Regardless, I will not go anywhere. The goal hasn’t changed. The funds will still be used to build our game. I will see this project through.