Radoko and Fitz_lol rug pulled different NFT projects

nft rug

Two verified twitter accounts promoting myriad NFT projects popped out of nowhere in December 2022. We are taking about Radoko and Fitz_lol.

ZachXBT on twitter reports that it’s highly likely that both accounts were either sold or stolen. Both gained followers in a short time period.

fake twitter followers

Rad (@Radoko) followers went from 2806 to 47021 in matter of 8 days and Mr Fit (@Fitz_lol) followers went from 6496 to 32793 in few days. 

They also something called tweet farming to gain more replies to their tweets. They made tweets like “following everyone who interacts” and “gm to everyone who says it back”. 


And came the tweets about free mint.


But how did we came to know that a single person was behind both of these twitter accounts? Well, the contract address of the NFT projects promoted by both were mere 1 hop away. Also, @TrippyFrogNFT (account deleted) and @FatNutzETH, both of which were actively promoted by Radoko and Fitz_lol, were funded using FixedFloat, a coin exchanging service, but thieves always leave traces behind. 

Other NFT projects promoted by them include @350pass and @proof_chirstmas (account already deleted). All projects had low supply and created with BuenoArt. So far, they have earned around 40ETH, which is around $62000. 

Victims are crying out loud.