SDF Q1 2020 Quarterly Report Highlights

Stellar Development Foundation has shared its Q1 2020 report. Here are some of its highlights.

Horizon 1.0 Release

Horizon, the open-source Stellar API launched in 2015, has steadily added features and improved stability and efficiency over the course of 24 minor versions and dozens of patch releases. On February 24, Stellar Development Foundation packaged those previous updates with a new ingestion system to mark a new milestone in Horizon’s development: Horizon 1.0, the first major Horizon release.

Notable new features include:

Accounts for Signers Endpoint: A popular feature request in our GitHub, accounts for signers, now allows users to look up all the accounts that match a given signer, which makes it easier for Stellar clients to implement multi-sig in a user-friendly way.
Offers Endpoint: This endpoint lists all offers on the network and allows filtering by account or asset.
A Faster Path-Finding Algorithm: To improve path-finding, the new ingestion system now has a built in-memory order book graph of all the offers in the network. By keeping everything in memory, access to data is extremely fast. This decreased the response time of the /paths endpoint for some queries by 10x. It also supports the new Protocol 12 strict-send and strict-receive path payment types designed for remittance applications.

Payments Missing Memos: a Solution

Using data entries, an exchange can mark their account as requiring memos. This was discussed by us yesterday.

Ecosystem and Partners

Two Stellar-based businesses wrote about why they chose the Stellar network:
CoinQvest shared why they chose Stellar for payment rails for cryptocurrency settlement;
● And Lobstr, a Stellar-based wallet, shared why they believe Stellar is the best open network for payments.

Partner Spotlight

Cowrie, a FinTech company based in Lagos, provides cross-border payment services for the Nigerian market, powered by Stellar. By tokenizing the Naira and integrating with NIBSS, the Nigerian interbank payment network, Cowrie developed payment rails that enable low-cost and instant payments into and out of Nigerian bank accounts.

Read full SDF Q1 2020 quarterly report from here (PDF).