Solana is still second most popular NFT blockchain

Solana NFTs are surely not looking dead for sure, as anticipated by myriad influencers. Solana got a lot of heat from the influencers and crypto traders, but guess what, Solana is still the choice of blockchain when it comes to deploying their NFTs, just after Ethereum

nft sales volume

Solana developers got a lot of heat lately after there was a huge exodus of NFT projects from Solana to other layer-2 solutions like Polygon. Polygon has seen a whopping 85% drop in sales whereas Solana saw more than 89-percent gain over then past one week. 

So yes, Polygon is doing less than 10-percent in sales volume compared to Solana that got a lot of heat when couple of big projects left Solana for Polygon. 

In case you are interested in Solana’s other competitors in NFT space, we have ImmutableX that did $2.8M followed by Cardano that did $1.8M. Polygon, as mentioned earlier did $1.24M and Flow did $1.2M. Panini did less than $1M with $733,000 in sales volume. Then comes BNB, WAX and Avalanche. Ethereum is at the very top with $111M in USD sales volume. 

In short, Solana is not a dead blockchain and plenty of developer and NFT activity is happening over its blockchain.