Premint NFT website hacked, NFTs worth millions stolen

Premint is a service that allows users to collect myriad wallet address that can be used for presale of NFTs. Their website was compromised earlier today. Make sure you do not sign any approvals on their website, If you verify your wallet’s ownership, it will give permission to hacker to drain all of your funds.

premint nft website hacked

Do not approve any website that asks for “Set approval for all” while signing transactions, especially on Premint or any portal that looks fishy.

Well, if you ask us, MetaMask is equally at fault here. They need to fix this approval for all setting. Make a big red banner and let people type something to approve this. For all others, always read what you are signing, always be cautious even on very secure sites.

A lot of users have lost their NFTs worth millions. We believe Premint should refund those people who are affected from the situation. It is Premint’s responsibility to maintain the security of their website.

Premint earned a lot from the NFT community and it is time to pay them back now.

Keep in mind only those users are affected who interacted with the compromised Premint’s website. So, if you used their portal in the past, you need not worry.

That said, if you believe you have been compromised, go to to remove permission and then, move all of your valuable NFTs to another wallet.