Digital Philanthropy launches limited edition zodiac NFTs, hopes to raise $3,000,000 for charity

On 15 January 2023, Web3Re Technologies will launch its Zodiac Digital Art Collectible Series on its blockchain-enabled fund-raising platform, Digital Philanthropy with the hopes of raising $3,000,000 for charity.

Zodiac Digital Art Collectible Series

Each Zodiac NFT will be unique, with each piece being individually numbered and minted on the Blockchain. Additionally, these NFTs will also be the first of its kind to be religiously blessed by Thai Abbot Kruba Arjan Anang Toe of Wat Don Chan in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Web3re Technologies Chief Executive Officer Mr. Lim Soon Ying said, “we often hear of projects pledging a percentage of funds raised to charity or social impact causes. More often than not, however, information on how funds are deployed and how much of each dollar reaches the beneficiary or intended cause is scarce. Through Digital Philanthropy, we aim to use Blockchain to enhance the accountability of our ecosystem partners. This increases the trust from a user’s perspective and benefits the entire philanthropic pursuit.”

All proceeds will go to two local charities and a Social Enterprise, with the details of how funds are used and disbursed fully documented on the Blockchain. These beneficiaries are:

Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT’s), a charity that focuses on empowering women by facilitating livelihood opportunities, especially for underprivileged women undergoing emotional, physical, and mental stresses, and supporting them in achieving financial independence and social mobility.

Donations to DOT’s will go a long way towards providing underprivileged women employment-bridging support, skills training, and support programmes.

Cycling Without Age Singapore is a charity focused on combating social isolation among the elderly. In an era of a global aging population, social isolation leads to depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts. Cycling Without Age aims to reach out to this segment of society that is often overlooked. Simply offering trishaw rides to seniors and engaging them in social activities and activities such as “virtual trishaw rides” has helped seniors break the chain of monotony and has added a different perspective and outlook into their lives as they re-engage with the community.

Donations will help Cycling Without Age carry on, providing iconic trishaw rides, food, and customised activities to seniors in the community. Dignity Kitchen, a social enterprise project that aims to raise the rate of employability amongst the “differently-abled” and is one of the few social enterprises that trains, finds jobs for, and employs a range of people with disabilities and intellectual and social challenges, Dignity Kitchen also provides free meals for the “working poor” and “less advantaged” in our community, no questions asked.

Donations to Dignity Kitchen will provide the “differently-abled” vocational training to find employment and help feed low-income families and individuals around Boon Keng every day.