Verified NFT twitter accounts are all fake

If you use twitter, you must have come across some unknown weird verified twitter accounts related to NFT niche. These NFT twitter accounts have extremely high engagement. Blue tick, high number of followers, high engagement makes everything looks legit and dangerous.  People really need to stop searching out / following “influencers” and start finding real artists that show up every day to support.

verified nft twitter account

All everyone is doing is making scammers rich. In the black market, it is a popular business where you can easily buy or sell verified Twitter accounts with many followers. If you can buy followers yourself, you can get them for as low as 500 dollars. It’s also very easy to buy fake followers to give the impression that there is demand for certain projects. These pre-verified accounts are often sold with original email which makes them extra secure.

Interestingly, verified twitter accounts liking seemingly random tweets and replies to conversations. All of them are big account with massive amounts of followers.


So what should you do if you come across a verified NFT twitter account and their activity looks suspicious to you? Report them to twitter as hacked accounts and they will do the rest – they will ban these accounts within a 24-72h.