NFT game Time Raiders in the works

nft game

CEO of Utopian Game Labs is heavily investing in blockchain gaming and currently developing a play and earn NFT game, Time Raiders. It’s no secret that play to earn games involving tokens or NFTs for purchase are taking the main stage this year. Web3, the metaverse and blockchain gaming are all terms that we’ve seen discussed for better or worse but the trends are all pointing towards gamification being the true future of the gaming industry.

Time Raiders is a fast-paced shoot and loot NFT game. The loot that players collect through gameplay, as well as being used in the game itself, has actual real-world value and can be bought, sold, and traded.

Everyone values digital utilities in games and it was only a matter of time for developers to innovate the way players can utilize these assets in more ways than one. P2E can be a powerful force for good, offset inequality and introduce millions to crypto risk free.

We are still in the first inning of blockchain technology and we’ve seen the negatives about games making the play to earn feature the main focus of the game itself (i.e. Axie Infinity) but that doesn’t mean gamification will go away. And on the contrary, it’s here to stay.